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Moor Electric is proud to be certified member of the California Advanced Lighting Control Training Program (CALCTP).  CALCTP educates, trains and certifies licensed C-10 electrical contractors in the proper programming, testing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of advanced lighting control systems. Such systems typically include dimmers, occupancy sensors, photo-sensors, relay modules and communication-based control devices.  Independent studies have shown that contractors and electricians graduating from CALCTP program make 80% less installation errors and are 15% less expensive throughout the course of an advanced lighting and controls project.


Additionally, Moor Electric is trained, certified, and experienced with Title 24.  Recent changes to the California Building Code Title 24 Part 6 have mandated that all new (and retrofits over 10% of floor space) lighting projects now require stringent controls and functionality as well as acceptance testing to ensure adherence to the new efficiency code.  Title 24 affects all parts of lighting projects from the preliminary design, to the specified system equipment, installation labor, acceptance testing, and proper permitting and paperwork submission.  Moor Electric is well-versed in regards to the Title 24 and can assist with project design to mitigate or avoid portions of the code.  If the triggering of Title 24 is inevitable, Moor Electric will work with contractors and clients to ensure that the additional costs are minimal and projects move forward in full code compliance with seamless permitting and acceptance testing.


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